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Byron Reeves


Byron Reeves, PhD, is the Paul C. Edwards Professor of Communication at Stanford and
Professor (by courtesy) in the Stanford School of Education. Byron has a long history of
experimental research on the psychological processing of media, and resulting responses and
effects. He has studied how media influence attention, memory and emotional responses and has
applied the research in the areas of speech dialogue systems, interactive games, advanced
displays, social robots, and autonomous cars. Byron has recently launched (with Stanford
colleagues Nilam Ram and Thomas Robinson) the Human Screenome Project (Nature, 2020),
designed to collect moment-by-moment changes in technology use across applications, platforms
and screens.

At Stanford, Byron has been Director of the Center for the Study of Language and Information,
and Co-Director of the H-STAR Institute (Human Sciences and Technologies Advanced
Research), and he was the founding Director of mediaX at Stanford, a university-industry
program launched in 2001 to facilitate discussion and research at the intersection of academic
and applied interests. Byron has worked at Microsoft Research and with several technology
startups, and has been involved with media policy at the FTC, FCC, US Congress and White
House. He is an elected Fellow of the International Communication Association, and recipient of ICA Fellows book award for The Media Equation (with Prof. Clifford Nass), and the Novim Foundation Epiphany Science and Society Award. Byron’s PhD in Communication is from Michigan State University.

Other Titles

Professor, Communication
Senior Fellow, Precourt Institute for Energy
Professor (By courtesy), Graduate School of Education
Senior Fellow, Precourt Institute for Energy

Program Affiliations

Stanford Accelerator for Learning

Research Interests

Social and Emotional Learning | Technology and Education

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Recent Publications

Lee, J., Hamilton, J. T., Ram, N., Roehrick, K., & Reeves, B. (2022). The psychology of poverty and life online: natural experiments on the effects of smartphone payday loan ads on psychological stress. INFORMATION COMMUNICATION & SOCIETY.

Jun, H., Miller, M. R., Herrera, F., Reeves, B., & Bailenson, J. N. (2022). Stimulus Sampling With 360-Videos: Examining Head Movements, Arousal, Presence, Simulator Sickness, and Preference on a Large Sample of Participants and Videos. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON AFFECTIVE COMPUTING, 13(3), 1416–1425.

Sun, X., Ram, N., Reeves, B., Cho, M.-J., Fitzgerald, A., & Robinson, T. N. (2022). Connectedness and independence of young adults and parents in the digital world: Observing smartphone interactions at multiple timescales using Screenomics. JOURNAL OF SOCIAL AND PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS.

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