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Rachel Lotan

Photo of Rachel Lotan

Rachel Lotan

Professor Emerita

Assistant: Elayne Weissler-Martello


Dr. Lotan is the former Director of the Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP). Her teaching and research focus on aspects of teaching and learning in academically and linguistically diverse classrooms as well as topics in teacher education. Previously, she co-directed the Program for Complex Instruction at Stanford, where she worked on the development, research and worldwide dissemination of complex instruction, a pedagogical approach to creating equitable classrooms. For ten years before starting graduate work, Dr. Lotan taught English and French in junior high and high school.

Other Titles

Professor (Teaching) of Education, Emerita

Program Affiliations

CTE: Teacher Education

Research Interests

International and Comparative Education | Standards | Teachers and Teaching

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Recent Publications

Lit, I. W., & Lotan, R. (2013). A balancing act: Dilemmas of implementing a high-stakes performance assessment. The New Educator, 9(1).

Ben-Peretz, M., & Lotan, R. (2010). Social and cultural influences on teacher education. International Encyclopedia of Education (Third Edition).

Darling-Hammond, L., Dieckmann, J., Haertel, E., Lotan, R., Newton, X., Philipose, S., & Williamson, P. (2010). Studying teacher effectiveness: The challenges of developing valid measures. The SAGE Handbook of Measurement.

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