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Sanne Smith

Photo of Sanne Smith

Sanne Smith

EDS Program Director

Office: CERAS 129


Sanne Smith is the director of the master’s program in education data science and a lecturer at Stanford Graduate School of Education.

Her research interests center around the study of social networks and the creation of thriving, diverse contexts. She has studied, for example, why adolescents tend to segregate within schools, how interdisciplinary centers boost scholar productivity and how social capital within neighborhoods offsets ethnic health inequalities. Her work has appeared in the American Journal of Sociology, Social Networks, Research Policy and Social Science Research.

Her teaching includes courses that introduce students to coding, data wrangling and visualization, supervised and unsupervised machine learning (e.g., hierarchical linear modeling, structural equation modeling, factor and principal component analysis), and interpretation of quantitative data.

Prior to directing the GSE master’s program in education data science, she worked as a research scientist at the Center for Population Health Sciences at Stanford and carried out national survey collection for the Children for Immigrants Longitudinal Survey in Four European Countries in the Netherlands.

Other Titles

Director of the MS in Data Science Program, Initiative Program Staff

Program Affiliations


Recent Publications

Tulin, M., & Smith, S. (2020). Poverty and mental health among migrants: When is ingroup exposure more protective than social ties? SSM - Population Health, 11, 100599.

Biancani, S., Dahlander, L., McFarland, D. A., & Smith, S. (2018). Superstars in the making? The broad effects of interdisciplinary centers. RESEARCH POLICY, 47(3), 543–57.

Smith, S. (2018). Befriending the same differently: ethnic, socioeconomic status, and gender differences in same-ethnic friendship. JOURNAL OF ETHNIC AND MIGRATION STUDIES, 44(11), 1858–80.

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