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Thomas S. Dee

Thomas S. Dee
Thomas S. Dee
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(650) 723-6847
(650) 723-9931
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SHIPS (PhD): Economics of Education
SHIPS (PhD): Educational Policy

EDUC 430B Causal Inference in Quantitative Educational and Social Science Research

EDUC 339 Quantitative Policy Analysis (Workshop)

Vanished Classmates: The Effects of Local Immigration Enforcement on Student Enrollment,” with Mark Murphy, NBER Working Paper No. 25080, September 2018.

The Effects of Accountability Incentives in Early Childhood Education,” with Daphna Bassok and Scott Latham, NBER Working Paper No. 23859, September 2017.

"Bias in Online Classes: Evidence from a Field Experiment," with R. Baker, B. Evans, and J. John. CEPA Working Paper No. 18-03, 2018

The Causes and Consequences of Test Score Manipulation: Evidence from the New York Regents Examinations,” with Will Dobbie, Brian Jacob, and Jonah Rockoff.  American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, forthcoming.

The Effects of School Reform under NCLB Waivers: Evidence from Focus Schools in Kentucky,” with Sade Bonilla, Education Finance and Policy, forthcoming.

"The Gift of Time? School Starting Age and Mental Health,” with Hans Henrik Sievertsen, Health Economics, 27(5), May 2018, 781-802.

"The Causal Effects of Cultural Relevance: Evidence from an Ethnic Studies Curriculum," with Emily Penner, American Educational Research Journal, 54(1), 2017, 127-166.

"Teacher Turnover, Teacher Quality, and Student Achievement," with Melinda Adnot, Veronica Katz, and James Wyckoff, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 39(1), 2017, 54-76.

Property Taxes and Politicians: Evidence from School Budget Elections,” with Andrew Barr, National Tax Journal, 69(3), 517, 2016.

"Persistence Patterns in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)," with Rachel Baker and Brent Evans, Journal of Higher Education 87(2), 206-242, 2016.

Incentives, Selection, and Teacher Performance: Evidence from IMPACT,” with James Wyckoff, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 34 (2), Spring 2015, 267–297. ***Winner of the 2015 Raymond Vernon Memorial Award.

Social Identity and Achievement Gaps: Evidence from an Affirmation Intervention,” Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness (8) 2, 2015, 149-168.

Stereotype Threat and the Student-Athlete,” Economic Inquiry 52(1), January 2014, 173-182.

“Do Parental Involvement Laws Deter Risky Teen Sex?” with Silvie Colman and Ted Joyce, Journal of Health Economics 32(5), September 2013, 873-880.

“When a Nudge isn’t Enough: Defaults and Saving among Low-Income Tax Filers,” with Erin Bronchetti, David Huffman, and Ellen Magenheim, National Tax Journal 66(3), September 2013, 609-634.

“The Effects of NCLB on School Resources and Practices,” with Brian Jacob and Nathaniel Schwartz Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis 35(2), June 2013, pp. 252 - 288.

“Rational Ignorance in Education: A Field Experiment in Student Plagiarism,” with Brian Jacob, Journal of Human Resources 47(2), Spring 2012: 397-434. 

“Conditional Cash Penalties in Education: Evidence from the Learnfare Experiment,” Economics of Education Review 30(5), October 2011, 924-937.

“The Impact of the No Child Left Behind Act on Student Achievement,” with Brian Jacob, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 30(3), Summer 2011, 418-446.

“The Non-cognitive Returns to Class Size,” with Martin West, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis 33(1), March 2011, 23-46.

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