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Patricia Bromley

Photo of Patricia Bromley

Patricia Bromley

Associate Professor

Assistant: Rachel Kelly

Other Titles

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education
Associate Professor (By courtesy), Sociology

Program Affiliations

SHIPS (PhD): International Comparative Education

Research Interests

Civic Education | International and Comparative Education | Leadership and Organization

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Recent Publications

Powell, W. W., & Bromley, P. (Eds.). (2020). The Nonprofit Sector: A Research Handbook. Stanford University Press.

Pope, S., Bromley, P., Lim, A., & Meyer, J. W. (2018). The Pyramid of Nonprofit Responsibility: The Institutionalization of Organizational Responsibility Across Sectors. VOLUNTAS, 29(6), 1300–1314.

Bromley, P., Schofer, E., & Longhofer, W. (2018). Organizing for Education: A Cross-National, Longitudinal Study of Civil Society Organizations and Education Outcomes. VOLUNTAS, 29(3), 526–40.

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