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Visiting Scholars

A Visiting Scholar is a scholar established in his or her field (must hold a Ph.D. or be considered a field expert) who visits Stanford from an outside institution or organization and is funded by external or personal sources (cannot be funded by Stanford). Visiting Scholars are not employees or students of the University, and therefore are not entitled to Stanford compensation or other benefits available to regular staff, faculty or students (including health insurance).

Visiting Scholars must be recommended by a faculty member in the School for a fixed-term designation of Visiting Scholar. Faculty will recommend the appointment for approval by the Area Committee and the Deans. A limited number of appointments are available each year. Interested scholars should contact specific faculty directly regarding the possibility of such an appointment, and faculty can work with the Academic Affairs Officer to begin the appointment process. See also the Research Policy Handbook regarding visiting scholar appointments.

Please see the "For Visitors" page on Health Alerts regarding current COVID-19 safety responsibilities.

The benefits given to visiting scholars are as follows:

  • Official affiliation with Stanford University (Stanford ID) issued to Visiting Scholars who are in residence for a minimum of one quarter. ($25 fee to be paid at the ID card office)
  • Stanford computer account
  • Library privileges
  • Use of recreational facilities
  • Access to off-campus housing information
  • Audit University lecture courses without fee, subject to permission of the instructor (Classes that require individual instruction and participation, such as laboratory and language courses, studio and performance courses, or creative writing courses are not authorized for auditing.)
  • Campus parking privileges for a fee (arranged through Parking & Transportation Services)

Off-campus Housing Resources for Visiting Scholars

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