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CTE - Mathematics Education

For those interested in mathematics education, there are opportunities to work with several faculty who are studying mathematics teaching and learning, within and outside CTE and Stanford GSE. Current research projects are addressing issues of equity, interactions between teaching and student learning, the impact of different mathematics teaching and curricular approaches, and lesson study (teacher professional development). Students may also make mathematics education the focus of their inquiries in different courses in Stanford GSE. Students can choose to take mathematics and mathematics-related courses from the department of mathematics, engineering and other departments outside Stanford GSE, as well as work with professors and students in those departments. For those interested in teacher education and teacher professional development, there are opportunities to develop materials for pre-service and in-service mathematics teachers, and to work in the Stanford Teacher Education Program (single-subject mathematics and multiple-subject).

Students applying to this specialization will be expected to have worked in mathematics education, as a teacher or another education professional, and to have an undergraduate degree in mathematics or another subject that will inform analyses of mathematics teaching and learning. Admission depends on a combination of factors, including evidence of academic achievement, professional accomplishments, GRE scores, and fit between students' interests and program offerings.

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