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Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs manages the administrative functions related to degree programs, admissions, student services, academic Areas and programs, curriculum planning and faculty actions. To that end, the Office provides resources and support for policies, procedures, data analytics and decision-making regarding academic programs; student degree progress, student engagement and events; admissions, recruitment and financial aid; courses, enrollment and scheduling; faculty searches, appointments and promotions; postdoctoral scholars; adjunct and visitor appointments; and academic operations at the GSE.

Anne Charity Hudley, Associate Dean of Educational Affairs CERAS 137

Dr. Charity Hudley is a humanistic social scientist who describes and documents the linguistic, literary, and cultural experiences of Black learners across their lives. She uses a community-based participatory research methodology in all of her work and co-constructs information and findings with students, community members, and large teams of researchers. You can read more about them on her Black Academic Lab (BAD Lab).  She has a particular focus on then sharing those findings with in-service educators who most immediately need them. Dr. Charity Hudley has a longstanding relationship with the American Federation of Teachers, and her newest work with the AFT. In addition to her publications and edited collections that are primarily geared toward academics and students, Dr. Charity Hudley is the co-author of four books for educators. She was appointed Associate Dean of Educational Affairs in 2022.

Amado Padilla, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

Amado Padilla CERAS 203B (650) 723-9132

Dr. Padilla's research follows three major strands: (1) resilient students who achieve high levels of academic performance despite coming from home and community backgrounds that pose multiple challenges to educational excellence, including adaptation to U.S. culture and English by immigrant adolescents; (2) acculturation and acculturation stressors that impact the physical and psychological well-being of newcomer youth and adults as well as the acquisition of bicultural strategies for functioning in their home culture and in mainstream American culture; and (3) studies involving second language learning and teaching, and strategies for achieving bilingual proficiency especially among heritage speakers of numerous European and Asian languages. He has published widely in his areas of research expertise.

Dr. Padilla is also interested in quantitative research in multicultural contexts. He serves as the principal investigator of the California World Language Project (CWLP), a program that assists California teachers in world language instruction. A final interest includes the history of ethnic minority scholars in psychology.  He was appointed Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs in 2021.

Shu-Ling Chen, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Shu-Ling Chen Galvez Modular 119 (650) 723-4066

Shu-Ling received a BA in Architecture & German from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, and a Ed.M. and Ed.D. in Administration, Planning and Social Policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her career spans multiple areas of higher education administration.  Before joining the GSE in 2013, she was Assistant Dean at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Director of Institutional Research at the University of Massachusetts President’s Office, Director of Institutional Research and Assessment at Bridgewater State University, Interim Director of Student Affairs at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Assistant Dean of Students at Carleton College.


  • Oversee and direct the administrative functions related to all areas of Academic Affairs;
  • Provide strategic and resource planning for these areas; 
  • Create and interpret academic policies and procedures;
  • Lead and oversee staff hiring and development; 
  • Manage budgets and resources. 

Loida Feliz, Assistant Dean of Admissions and Academic Affairs (650) 723-0555

Loida received a BS degree in Human Services from Lesley University and a Ed.M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She joined the GSE community in the summer of 2015 as the Associate Director of EdCareers. She then served the GSE as Director of Admissions and Financial Aid from February 2017 to June 2021, when she was promoted to her current position. Prior to coming to Stanford, Loida was the Director of Admissions at the Harvard Divinity School for five years. Prior to that, at Harvard Graduate School of Education, she was first Assistant Director of Financial Aid and later Senior Assistant Director of Admissions.  She began her higher education career as Assistant Director of Financial Aid at Lesley University.  


  • Direct admissions, recruitment and financial aid;
  • Serve as strategic and operational partner to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs;
  • Manage financial aid budget planning and forecasting;
  • Hire, supervise and develop admissions and academic affairs staff;
  • Oversee major student events.

Viviana Alcazar, Student Services Associate

Viviana CERAS 315 (650) 723-2110

Viviana graduated from Stanford in 2007 with a BA in English and Spanish Literature. She then earned an MA in Comparative Literature from the University of California, Berkeley where she also taught undergraduate classes in foreign languages and writing. In 2018, Viviana earned an MA in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University. Before joining the GSE in February, 2014, Viviana worked as an Admission Officer in the Office of Undergraduate Admission at Stanford and as an Admission Counselor at Williams College. Additionally, Viviana was an intern with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund and worked as an application reader for the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation.


  • Manage recruitment and admissions processes for STEP;
  • Advise prospective and current teacher candidates on pre-requisites for coursework, financial aid and degree progress;
  • Serve as GSE’s credential analyst;
  • Provide statistical data and reports for internal and external use.

Tanya Chamberlain, Faculty Affairs Director Galvez Modular 120 (650) 725-1242

Tanya received a BA in Art History and Criticism with a minor in Literatures in English from UC San Diego. She joined the GSE in 1998 and held a variety of faculty support positions before assuming the role of Faculty Affairs Officer in 2011.


  • Manage all faculty searches, appointments, reappointments, and promotions for the UTL and NTL faculty within the GSE;
  • Serve as liaison to the Provost’s Office for faculty affairs-related issues;
  • Ensure compliance with School and University policies;
  • Assist in faculty Conflict of Interest issues and manage annual COI disclosure process.

Carol Chen, Director of Analytics Galvez Modular 122 (650) 725-7236

Carol received her Ph.D. in Educational Measurement and Statistics, and her MS in Statistics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Carol has extensive experience in educational research, data management, and data analysis. She joined the Stanford GSE team in 2019 as the Academic Services Analyst and was promoted to her current position in 2021. Before coming to Stanford, she worked as an Educational Data Analyst for the San Mateo County Office of Education. 


  • Collect and analyze data regarding areas of work in academic affairs including admissions, degree programs, courses enrollment, financial aid, and teaching evaluations; 
  • Support financial aid budget planning;
  • Evaluate the efficacy of academic affairs programs;
  • Provide analysis and forecasting to support decision making, benchmarking, reporting and policy formulation.

Julie Heinrich, Director of Degree Programs Galvez Modular 123 (650) 724-9146


  • Direct GSE’s degree programs team;
  • Serve as program officer for the PhD programs;
  • Manage student funding, degree progress and support for students;
  • Serve as Graduate Financial Support System (GFS) expert user and Home Approver;
  • Provide guidance, create and interpret academic policies and procedures.

Wesley Horng, Associate Director of Admissions and Academic Affairs

Wesley Horng Galvez Modular 124 (650) 725-7652

Wesley received his BA from UCLA in Communications and Psychology and M.S.Ed. in Higher Education from the University of Pennsylvania. He joined the Stanford GSE team in 2016 as the Academic Services Officer before being promoted to Assistant Director of Admissions and Academic Services in 2019 and most recently Associate Director of Admissions and Academic Affairs. Before joining Stanford, Wesley worked as the Assistant Director of Graduate Admission at USC Viterbi School of Engineering. 


  • Manage admissions operations and systems, including application processing, faculty review, admissions reports, and student matriculation;
  • Serve as contact for student financial aid issues;
  • Liaise with University partners in relations to graduate admissions and financial aid;
  • Manage staff and administrative support for academic Areas and the Area Chairs; 
  • Supervise Academic Affairs Officer and Academic Affairs Administrator. 

Tommy Liu, Associate Director of Degree Programs

Photo of Tommy Galvez Modular 122 (650) 725-1497

Tommy earned his MA in International Comparative Education from Stanford University and his BA in English Literature specializing in Writing from New York University. Tommy’s previous higher education experience includes working at New York University’s Stern School of Business as Assistant Director of Financial Aid. He has extensive experience overseas, teaching English and facilitating intercultural exchange both in South Korea and, most recently, in Japan as a participant of the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET). He has also assisted workers in Lower Manhattan following the events of September 11, 2001 as a Session Facilitator for Safe Horizon’s Ongoing Recovery Program. Tommy joined the Academic Services team in 2014.


  • Manage the GSE’s curriculum planning and course scheduling processes;
  • Serve as program officer for the International Comparative Education (ICE) / International Education Policy Analysis (IEPA) Program;
  • Guide, interpret, and implement academic policies and procedures.

Kim McCabe, Assistant Director of Admissions and Academic Affairs 124 (650) 723-2115

Kim graduated from Stanford with a BA in French and a minor in Creative Writing. Before joining the GSE, Kim worked at the University of Denver in graduate admissions, first at the Office of Graduate Studies followed by the Josef Korbel School of International Studies. Kim has also lived in Paris, France where she was enrolled in a Master's program French at the School in France at Middlebury College and worked at AFS Vivre Sans Frontière, the American Field Service’s French national headquarters, as an Operations Assistant. After joining the team as the Admissions and Community Engagement Officer in 2017, she was promoted to Admissions and Academic Services Officer in 2019 and then to her current role in 2021.


  • Develop and implement marketing and recruitment operations, including managing communication plans and maintaining recruitment systems;
  • Manage engagement with prospective students;
  • Support admissions operations;
  • Serve as the diversity recruiter for the admissions team; including liaising with University partners working on these efforts.

Jesse Rivas, Faculty Affairs Administrator

Jesse Rivas Galvez Modular 120 (650) 293-7247

Jesse earned his BA in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley. Before joining the GSE Faculty Affairs team in July 2021, Jesse worked as the Stanford Graduate School of Education Dean’s Office Manager. Prior to coming to Stanford in 2019, he worked at the YMCA of Silicon Valley for five years.


  • Provide administrative support to the Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs and Associate Dean of Student Affairs;
  • Assist with processes for faculty affairs actions, including searches, appointments, reappointments and promotions;
  • Provide operational support and guidance to search and review committees; 
  • Support the Dean’s Executive Assistant with the GSE Faculty Meetings;
  • Assist with various miscellaneous requests and inquiries from faculty.

Amy Rong, Academic Affairs Officer Galvez Modular 124

Amy received a BA in Psychology from UC Davis. She joined the GSE community in 2021 as the Academic Affairs Officer. Before joining the GSE, Amy was a Student Services Coordinator in the Continuing Studies Program at Stanford. Previously, she was a Program Assistant in the Office of International Affairs at National Taiwan University.


  • Serve as event lead for major student events (Orientation, Admit Days, Commencement);
  • Assist with student application processing and other admissions-related tasks;
  • Manage the Visiting Scholar (VS) and Visiting Student Researcher (VSR) process;
  • Plan and implement student engagement activities;
  • Organize and support the GSE academic Area meetings.

Caroline Stasulat, Associate Director of Degree Programs

Photo of Caroline Stasulat Galvez Modular 123 (650) 725-6448

Caroline received a BA in English and Native American Studies from UC Davis; and a MLA from Stanford. Before joining the GSE, she worked at UC Davis and San Jose State University. Recently, she spent two summers in Ireland excavating a medieval castle and examining ancient and modern colonial processes. She joined the GSE’s Academic Affairs team in 2010. 


  • Serve as program officer for the Education Data Science (EDS), Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies (POLS), Joint Degree with the Graduate School of Business (MA/MBA), Joint Degree with the Public Policy Program (MA/MPP), Joint Degree with the Stanford Law School (MA/JD), and Individually Designed Master’s programs;
  • Serve as program officer for the GSE’s undergraduate Minor and Honors programs;
  • Manage GSE postdoctoral appointments.

Terrance Turner, Academic Affairs Administrator Galvez Modular 145B (650) 723-8639

Terrance Turner received a B.A. in Sociology from Haverford College. Before joining the GSE Academic Affairs team in December 2017, Terrance worked at the Stanford Educational Leadership Institute (SELI), the Stanford Schools Corporation, the Stanford School Redesign Network (SRN), the Principal Fellows Program, and the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE) 2008-17. Prior to coming to Stanford in 2006 he worked in Philadelphia as a grant writer for a group of non-profit organizations seeking community based solutions to the problems of the inner city. Outside of Stanford GSE, Terrance enjoys the study of Logic, Mathematics and Philosophy and finding better ways to teach them.


  • Provide administrative support to Academic Affairs and the RILE program;
  • Assist with event planning;
  • Process financial transactions.

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