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Undergraduate Minor in Education

The Graduate School of Education awards an undergraduate minor in the field of Education. The minor is structured to provide a substantial introduction to education through a broad-based and focused study of educational research, theory and practice. The goals of the minor are to allow undergraduates to develop an understanding of the core issues facing educators and policymakers, to make connections to their major programs of study, and to provide rigorous preparation for graduate studies in Education.

Students interested in pursuing an undergraduate minor in Education begin by contacting the minor director (Jennifer Lynn Wolf,, who is responsible for advising all candidates and approving each student's minor plan of study. Applications for the minor are due no later than the second quarter of the junior year.

The Education Minor requires three core courses to ensure coverage of the displiplines of the field, while allowing flexibility for students wanting to pursue specific interests within Education. In order to graduate with a minor in Education, undergraduate students must complete the minor program of study as described here, for a total of not less than 20 units and not more than 30 units, with a minimum of six courses.

Program Information

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