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Past Opportunities

Below are examples of professional learning opportunities previously offered through Stanford Graduate School of Education research centers.

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24 August 2021

Mathematics Leadership Summit

Join Dr. Jo Boaler and Cathy Williams for two days of professional learning focused on leading Mindset and mathematics change in schools, districts, counties and beyond
16 August 2021

Introduction to Reading Like a Historian Curriculum and Beyond the Bubble Assessments

During this interactive institute, Grade 5-12 educators will learn about the Stanford History Education Group’s Reading Like a Historian lessons and Beyond the Bubble assessments.
9 August 2021

Civic Online Reasoning: Sorting Fact from Fiction on the Internet

Participants will be introduced to SHEG's Civic Online Reasoning curriculum and learn strategies to help students become more discerning consumers of information they encounter online.
5 August 2021

Data Science Virtual Workshop for High School Teachers

An introductory workshop to prepare to teach Units 1–4 of Explorations in Data Science: Youcubed Adaptable Curriculum
27 July 2021

Challenge Success Summer Leadership Seminar (Virtual)

Explore research-based strategies to improve student well-being and academic engagement as you connect with other educators to share insights gained as a result of the pandemic.
26 July 2021

Formative Assessment to Transform Teaching and Learning

This institute is designed for teaching teams from core content subject areas. Our approach will be relevant for teachers from any school system or country that values student-centered learning to learn how to bridge from research to practice.
26 July 2021

Instructional Leadership Using a Core Practices Approach

The goal of this institute is to introduce school leaders to our practice-based approach to professional learning and engage them in learning experiences that will help them support and build teacher capacity in their own school contexts.
26 July 2021

Reading Like a Historian with Younger Students

This interactive workshop for upper elementary and middle school teachers will address: introducing and modeling historical thinking, scaffolding primary sources for a range of readers, and developing inquiry-based lessons with images.
20 July 2021

Reading Like a Historian: Historical Inquiries, Visuals, and Assessment

During this interactive institute, Grade 5–12 educators with previous experience with Reading Like a Historian curriculum will explore how to develop and adapt the curriculum.
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