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Photo of campus architecture

Facilities Initiatives


Our Green GSE Initiative looks to make promising inroads in 2017 with upcoming classes on sustainable workspaces, partnering with the University on their incentive-based Cardinal Green initiative, and tracking usage and consumption more closely so that we can monitor our successes and where else we can make a difference. Below, you will find products and vendors that can help you make a difference as well, all of which are available on SmartMart. By combining our efforts, we can continue to make the GSE a model of sustainability.

Sustainable products for break room


  • Green Stripe plastic cups
  • Plain or world art Hot cups
Office Depot

Solo – Bare products

  • Cold plastic cups
  • Hot cups
  • Biodegradable tableware
Office Depot

Plast Techs Greenware

  • Assortments of plastic cups

Seventh Generation

  • Soaps
  • Paper Towels
  • Disinfecting Wipes
Office Depot

Sustainable paper

Aspen paper

  • Office Paper
Office Depot

Second Nature

  • Note Pads
  • Memo/Steno Pads
Office Depot


  • Report Covers
  • Folding & Expanding Pocket Folders
  • Standard & Hanging Manilla Folders
  • Spiral Notepad & Notebooks
Office Depot


Sustainable dining locations

Wellness Room

The GSE provides access to Wellness Rooms in the School of Education Building (Room 227) and the CERAS Building (Room 112). These Wellness Rooms are available to everyone within our community, though priority will be given to nursing mothers.

All Gender Restrooms

The GSE provides access to all-gender restrooms in both the School of Education Building and CERAS. Both restrooms are located on the first floor. Although the all-gender restroom in CERAS is not a single-stall restroom, it is single-occupancy, so please take note of locking the door behind you when in use. There will be more changes to come in making these spaces welcoming for all who use then.

Building Improvements

CERAS 5th Floor Roof

CERAS 108 (Big Tree) Renovations

The Big Tree classroom in CERAS room 108 will undergo renovations and is now closed. With faculty input we have designed a flexible classroom that will help foster collaboration and hope many of you will enjoy. The construction is scheduled around the many conferences in CERAS this summer and noisy work will be conducted early in the morning or when the lobby area is free.

Rendering of CERAS 108

Community Spaces and Quiet Spaces

Incorporation of community spaces and private/semi-private quiet spaces for students continues to be part of GSE renovation plans moving forward. Please check back for continued updates.