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Dora Demszky

Photo of Dora Demszky

Dora Demszky

Assistant Professor

- Personal website

Assistant: Emily Farrell

Office: CERAS 536


Dr. Demszky is an Assistant Professor in Education Data Science at the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University. She works on developing natural language processing methods to support equitable and student-centered instruction. She has developed tools to give feedback to teachers on dialogic instructional practices, to analyze representation in textbooks, measure the presence of dialect features in text, among others. Dr Demszky has received her PhD in Linguistics at Stanford University, supervised by Dr Dan Jurafsky. Prior to her PhD, Dr. Demszky received a BA summa cum laude from Princeton University in Linguistics with a minor in Computer Science.

Other Titles

Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Education
Assistant Professor (By courtesy), Computer Science

Program Affiliations

Learning Sciences and Technology Design (LSTD)
SHIPS (PhD): Education Data Science
SHIPS (PhD): Educational Linguistics
Stanford Accelerator for Learning

Research Interests

Curriculum and Instruction | Data Sciences | Social and Emotional Learning | Teachers and Teaching | Technology and Education

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Recent Publications

Demszky, D., Wang, R. E., Geraghty, S., & Yu, C. (2024). Does Feedback on Talk Time Increase Student Engagement? Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial on a Math Tutoring Platform. FOURTEENTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON LEARNING ANALYTICS & KNOWLEDGE, LAK 2024. ASSOC COMPUTING MACHINERY.

Demszky, D., Yang, D., Yeager, D., Bryan, C., Clapper, M., Chandhok, S., … Pennebaker, J. (2023). Using large language models in psychology. NATURE REVIEWS PSYCHOLOGY, 2(11), 688–701.

Demszky, D., Liu, J., Hill, H. C., Jurafsky, D., & Piech, C. (2023). Can Automated Feedback Improve Teachers' Uptake of Student Ideas? Evidence From a Randomized Controlled Trial in a Large-Scale Online Course. EDUCATIONAL EVALUATION AND POLICY ANALYSIS.

Dora Demszky in the News & Media

An op-ed coauthored by Assistant Professor Dora Demszky calls for harnessing the power of AI to help teachers foster meaningful relationships with students.
August 14, 2023
Photo of Dan Schwartz speaking at ASU+GSV
April 21, 2023
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