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Jonathan Rosa

Photo of Jonathan Rosa

Jonathan Rosa

Associate Professor

Assistant: Rosa Alvarez

Office: CERAS 425


As a sociocultural and linguistic anthropologist, Jonathan Rosa's research theorizes the co-naturalization of language and race as a key feature of modern governance. Specifically, he analyzes the interplay between youth socialization, raciolinguistic formations, and structural inequity in urban contexts. Dr. Rosa collaborates with local communities to track these phenomena and develop tools for understanding and eradicating the forms of disparity to which they correspond. This community-based approach to research, teaching, and service reflects a vision of scholarship as a platform for imagining and enacting more just societies. Dr. Rosa's research has been published in scholarly journals such as Harvard Educational Review, American Ethnologist, American Anthropologist, Language in Society, and the Journal of Linguistic Anthropology. In addition to his formal scholarly research, Dr. Rosa is an ongoing participant in public intellectual projects focused on race, education, language, (im)migration, and U.S. Latinxs, and his work has been featured in media outlets such as MSNBC, NPR, CNN, and Univision.

Other Titles

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education
Associate Professor (By courtesy), Linguistics
Associate Professor (By courtesy), Anthropology
Associate Professor (By courtesy), Comparative Literature

Program Affiliations

Race, Inequality, and Language in Education (RILE)
SHIPS (PhD): Anthropology of Education
SHIPS (PhD): Educational Linguistics
SHIPS (PhD): Social Sciences in Education

Research Interests

Diversity and Identity | Immigrants and Immigration | Literacy and Language | Poverty and Inequality | Race and Ethnicity | Sociology | Teachers and Teaching

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Recent Publications

Smalls, K. A., Spears, A. K., & Rosa, J. (2021). Introduction: Language and White Supremacy. JOURNAL OF LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGY, 31(2), 152–156.

Rosa, J., & Diaz, V. (2019). Raciontologies: Rethinking Anthropological Accounts of Institutional Racism and Enactments of White Supremacy in the United States. AMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGIST.

Flores, N., & Rosa, J. (2019). Bringing Race Into Second Language Acquisition. MODERN LANGUAGE JOURNAL, 103, 145–51.

Jonathan Rosa in the News & Media

The Nation
Stereotypes about language and stereotypes about race are constructed together, says Associate Professor Jonathan Rosa.
June 18, 2020
A hashtag ethnography of the Ferguson protests by Associate Professor Jonathan Rosa notes that social media participation becomes a key site from which to contest mainstream media silences and the long history of state-sanctioned violence against racialized populations.
June 10, 2020
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