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Student and Faculty Support

Our remarkable students and faculty are dedicated to pursuing equitable, accessible learning for all. Your support makes their work possible.

Student fellowships

Our goal is to ensure that every promising student can attend the GSE regardless of their financial situation. A top priority at the GSE is to increase financial support for our doctoral students and master’s students. Your support for student fellowships expands educational opportunities for future leaders of education, increases the diversity of the field, and paves the way to solving education’s greatest challenges.

Fellowship supporters have the opportunity to meet with supported students, hear about student work, and join us at the annual fellowship reception.

Daniel Scott Smith, ’12 - English, GSE doctoral student - SHIPS
“I have carved out my own unique way of studying the historical and structural features of schooling that have generally made butchers’ sons like me a rare sighting at places like Stanford. And this has only been possible because of the real impact that your generosity has had on my daily lived experience.”
Daniel Scott Smith, BA English ’12, GSE doctoral student in Social Sciences, Humanities, and Interdisciplinary Policy Studies
Luis Vidalon-Suzuki, MA ’19 (Stanford Teacher Education Program)
“Every day I tell my students how I never take my education for granted. Without your help, I do not know if I would be here today. Thank you for supporting me in my journey to give back to my San Francisco community.”
Luis Vidalon-Suzuki, MA ’19 (Stanford Teacher Education Program)


Our faculty are tackling the greatest challenges facing education today. Endowed professorships are the highest honor we can bestow, and are indicative of our commitment to shape and diversify the field for generations to come.

Your support helps ensure the GSE’s continued excellence and leadership by providing financial stability to the university and school. Professorships also strengthen our ability to recruit top young faculty. 

See current endowed professorships on Stanford website

Professor Boaler speaking at the podium.

Professorship supporters have the opportunity to meet with their faculty chairholder and receive annual updates about the faculty member’s research goals and interests.

Photo of Ari Kelman
“I am grateful every day to be able to do the work that I do. It is exciting, challenging, engaging, stimulating, and often fun. My students and colleagues are magnificent and having the freedom to ask big, important questions and strive toward ever-deeper understanding is a privilege for which I am eternally grateful.”
Professor Ari Kelman, Jim Joseph Professor of Education and Jewish Studies
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