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Photo of Audra Wingard
Audra Wingard, IEPA MA, 2018

My interest in International Education began as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley where I studied Anthropology and Education. After graduating from UC Berkeley, I became a Fulbright Fellow during which I taught English at a secondary school in Malaysia. After returning from Malaysia, I applied... Read more

Photo of Mansoor Aslam Rathore
Mansoor Aslam Rathore, IEPA MA, 2020

Prior to Stanford, I was fortunate to work in the education space as a researcher and consultant, which give me a wide range of experiences in this field. Right after my undergraduate, I initiated a baseline survey across rural schools in Pakistan for a randomized control trial that attempted to... Read more

Photo of Salome Aguilar Llanes
Salome Aguilar Llanes, IEPA MA, 2020

I believe that the circumstances we are born in should not be a determinant of what we can hope to achieve – rather, our achievements should be determined by our efforts and perseverance. I think that providing equal opportunities should be a requirement in order for a system to be called fair.... Read more

Antony Kar-hung Tam
Antony Kar-hung Tam, ICE MA, 2012

After completing my undergraduate study in Journalism and Communication at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, I undertook a Postgraduate Diploma in Education and was a research assistant at the same university. I also taught English Language part-time in several Hong Kong high schools and... Read more

Photo of Xuemin Zhao
Xuemin Zhao, IEPA MA, 2019

As a student who majored in Communications and Journalism in college, I have been frequently asked why chose to switch to education for graduate study. My answer to this question has always been the same: because of my experience working as a journalist.

When I was interning at People’s... Read more

Photo of Daniela Rubio
Daniela Rubio, IEAPA MA, 2010

Stanford opened a world of opportunities for me. I have always been interested in how education problems are addressed by different nations, and have had the chance to participate in many education projects in the past, but none have been as challenging and rigorous as the IEAPA MA program at... Read more

Photo of DanThanh Nguyen
DanThanh Nguyen, IEAPA MA, 2011

I just wanted to send you a few lines to thank you the great training I received in our IEAPA program. Every day in my work, I make use the breadth of knowledge and skills I gained in the program, from economics of education, to the political and social considerations for reform, to research... Read more

Photo of Marcela Silveyra
Marcela Silveyra, IEAPA MA, 2013

My year at Stanford has given me much more than a strong academic and research preparation. It has given me the opportunity to fully develop myself by strengthening interpersonal relationships and learning to value the balance between my professional and personal life.

My primary... Read more

Photo of Die Hu
Die Hu, ICE MA, 2014

My undergraduate and graduate degrees in journalism and media studies exposed me to educational issues faced by developing countries such as China. After graduating with an M.A in Communications from the London School of Economics, I worked in the Students Affairs office and participated in the... Read more

Batuhan Aydagül, MA ’02, in 2013 outside the Education Reform Initiative's office in the Karakoy neighborhood of Istanbul. (Phot
Batuhan Aydagül, ICE MA, 2002

Batuhan Aydagül had come up with “a witty idea” for class some 12 years ago, while enrolled in the International Education Policy Analysis master’s program at Stanford Graduate School of Education.

That day... Read more

Photo of Seungah Lee
Seungah Lee

Although I have always had an interest in education, I started focusing on education issues while studying economic development and international political economy as an undergraduate at Georgetown University. Subsequently, I pursued an Ed.M. in international education policy from Harvard... Read more

Photo of Daniel Scott Smith
Daniel Scott Smith

Being a PhD at the Stanford GSE is a tremendous experience. The ICE program gives you the freedom to explore your individual interests, yet also specialized content knowledge, skills, and mentorship in the area of international and comparative education and development. In my time in the program... Read more

Photo of Lisa Overbey
Lisa Overbey

Prior to coming to Stanford, I worked on international affairs for the World Bank in Berlin, Germany. Earlier in my career, I taught English in France and worked on education projects in sub-Saharan Africa at the World Bank in Washington, D.C. My interest in understanding the role education... Read more

Nadine Ann Skinner, PhD

I’ve always been passionate about education and driven to support my community. I’m a native Californian and I completed my undergraduate degree in Politics and History at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Since then, I’ve had amazing opportunities to teach and work in social justice... Read more

Photo of female student
Hannah D’Apice

Before coming to Stanford, I taught professionally for four years in Texas and Singapore, with additional volunteer teaching work in rural parts of Indonesia. My students ranged in age from pre-k to adult, and came from a variety of backgrounds: at-risk youth, vocational students, domestic... Read more

Michelle Reddy
Michelle Reddy, PhD

I first developed an interest in education and social transformation as an undergraduate at Boston College, where I worked on the University of the Middle East Project, and subsequently pursued an M.A. in higher education administration at Columbia University. After receiving the Zankel... Read more

Headshot of Jamie Johnston
Jamie Johnston, PhD

I first developed an interest in education research as an undergraduate at Northwestern University and through a public policy degree at the University of Chicago. Subsequent opportunities to work in multiple countries strengthened my desire to understand how education policies can work to... Read more

Jennifer Chan
Jennifer Chan, PhD

I was transitioning from the private sector and had backpacked around Asia for a year prior to landing on the farm. I knew that I wanted to do research on human rights but was not sure about the disciplinary angle or program. The ICE program in the Stanford University School of Education turned... Read more

Tom Luschei, PhD

I benefited tremendously from Stanford’s ICE Ph.D. program. I took rigorous and engaging classes with world-renowned professors, received top-notch training in educational research methods, participated in research projects in the U.S. and abroad, and interacted daily with brilliant peers. After... Read more

Photo of Nii Addy
Nii Addy, PhD

I'm originally from Accra, the capital of Ghana, West Africa. After years spent bonding with a bunch of other guys at St. Peter's Secondary School, I spent two wonderful years teaching at Bishop Bowers School - the elementary school I had attended. I think it was there that my professional... Read more

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