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International Comparative Education (ICE)

What is ICE?

The International Comparative Education (ICE) concentration is a multidisciplinary, international, cross-cultural program of training that places educational problems into an international and comparative framework.

Doctoral and Master's programs


Photo of Audra Wingard

“At the Stanford Graduate School of Education (GSE), I took courses in quantitative and qualitative research methods, survey design, and education policy, among others. These courses gave me skills that I have continuously used in my professional work since graduating.”

Audra Wingard, IEPA MA '18

Photo of Mansoor Aslam Rathore

“Perhaps just as valuable as the courses were the guest speaker sessions that I got the opportunity to attend as part of the program. These sessions focused on topics ranging from philanthropic work, education technology, classroom teaching, and inclusive education to education financing.”

Mansoor Aslam Rathore, IEPA MA '20

Photo of Lisa Overbey

“Stanford’s ICE program distinguishes itself from other programs by its focus on ensuring that its students acquire the quantitative and qualitative skills to engage in high-quality education research in addition to expanding students’ breadth of knowledge on topics in education. ”

Lisa Overbey, ICE Doctoral Candidate


Associate Professor (Teaching)
ICE Program Director
Associate Professor
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