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ICE Alumni Testimonials

Photo of Darion Aaron Wallace
Darion Aaron Wallace, IEPA MA, 2019

As I was explaining the graduate programs that I had been accepted to during a university’s MA admit day, an undergraduate student asked me “what is your philosophy of education?”. After giving an answer that I was not completely satisfied with this question illusively sat with me as I entered... Read more

Photo of Joanna Shruti Sundharam
Joanna Shruti Sundharam, IEPA MA, 2019

In 2013, I started my journey in the education-social development space as a Teach for India fellow. I spent 2 years teaching a class of 40 bright-eyed girls in a government school located in New Delhi. As a teacher in the school, I got an insider's view of how government policy influences the... Read more

Photo of Audra Wingard
Audra Wingard, IEPA MA, 2018

My interest in International Education began as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley where I studied Anthropology and Education. After graduating from UC Berkeley, I became a Fulbright Fellow during which I taught English at a secondary school in Malaysia. After returning from Malaysia, I applied... Read more

Photo of Alex Ugorji
Alex Ugorji, IEPA MA, 2018

My journey into the field of education started in Shanghai, China. I was a young undergraduate interning at a consulting firm, Parthenon—Ernst & Young. It was during this internship that I was first exposed to China’s vast education ‘industry.’ I say ‘industry’ because education in China is... Read more

Photo of Saloni Gupta
Saloni Gupta, IEPA MA, 2018

I graduated last year from the IEPA MA Program and started working at Central Square Foundation (CSF) in New Delhi. In this last one year, I have been able to shape a policy initiative for one south Indian state. This policy recommendation has evidence rooted in other developing countries (... Read more

Photo of Hechunzi Wang
Hechunzi Wang, ICE MA, 2018

I came to Stanford and the Graduate School of Education with an aspiration. As a student majoring in Chinese (specialty in Sino-foreign culture exchange), I’ve often been asked why I chose to study education in graduate school. My answer is simple and always remains the same: changing the world... Read more

Photo of Emily Schell
Emily Schell, ICE MA, 2018

Since middle school, I have been curious about how educators, policymakers, and community members can improve the education that marginalized immigrant populations receive in the U.S. and abroad. Although my work started stateside with the founding of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Promise for Preschool... Read more

Photo of Akshay Jain
Akshay Jain, IEPA MA, 2018

My firm belief in the transformative power of education is rooted in my own educational journey. At an impressionable age of fourteen, I received a scholarship to leave my hometown New Delhi and enroll in an innovative high school program in Singapore. Thereafter, I enrolled at the National... Read more

Photo of Shelby Searles
Shelby Searles, ICE MA, 2017

Before joining the ICE/IEPA program, I spent two years living in Mongolia as a Peace Corps volunteer. I worked with the Special Olympics and the local Disabilities Center where I developed projects which increased access to education for marginalized ethnic minorities with disabilities. I knew... Read more

Photo of Catherine Julia Winn Galloway
Catherine Julia Winn Galloway, ICE MA, 2016

Over the course of my undergraduate career I became interested in international development, Africa, and education. By the time I graduated I knew my passion lay in the field of international and comparative education. I started my career by seeking out on-the-ground experience. I taught for... Read more

Photo of Garnett Russell
Garnett Russell, PhD

Before entering the doctoral program in International and Comparative Education (ICE) at Stanford's School of Education, I worked for two years as a policy analyst in Bangkok, Thailand for the regional office of UNESCO on the monitoring and evaluation of Education for All (EFA) in the Asia... Read more

Elizabeth Buckner
Elizabeth Buckner, PhD

Prior to Stanford, I went to Swarthmore College, and graduated in 2006 with a Special Major in Educational Studies and Sociology/Anthropology. At Swarthmore, I had conducted research in Moroccan schools on the implementation of a minority language education program to teach Tamazight as part of... Read more

Photo of Julia Lerch
Julia Lerch, PhD

I started focusing on education issues after completing my undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the University of Oxford, in the United Kingdom. I began by working on an education campaign for children in conflict-affected and fragile states at the International Save... Read more

Jeremy Jimenez
Jeremy Jimenez, PhD

Originally from Jersey City, New Jersey, I received both my B.A. degree in History/Psychology and M.Ed. degree in Social Studies Education from Rutgers University. My experiences growing up in an urban, low income community, coupled with a few key teacher role models (including my parents),... Read more

Luana Marotta
Luana Marotta, PhD

I started conducting education research in the second year of my undergraduate program at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil, my country of birth, where I studied Social Sciences. I worked for three highly productive years with The Group of Educational Assessment and Measures,... Read more

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