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Kirst says Gov. Brown's school funding proposal signals a shift toward local control

January 16, 2012
KQED Forum
Prof. Emeritus Michael Kirst
Prof. Emeritus Michael Kirst
Prof. M. Kirst, president of the CA State Board of Education, discussed Gov. Brown's proposed plan to change the way schools are funded.

Governor Jerry Brown's proposed state budget includes a big change in the way schools are funded. Under the plan, school funding would be greatly simplified, with most of the control over how money is spent moving from the state to local districts. How would the proposed changes affect our schools and students?

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  • Eric Heins, vice president of the California Teacher's Association
  • Mahala Archer, administrator for special projects for Twin Rivers Unified School District
  • Michael Kirst, president of the California State Board of Education and professor emeritus of education at Stanford University