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Need some creative inspiration? Take a walk

Two women walking
Taking a short walk is one way to boost creativity, Stanford researchers found. (Photo: Linda A. Cicero/Stanford News Service)

Need some creative inspiration? Take a walk

In this episode of School's In, Stanford researchers talk about ways to improve creative thinking.

Creativity is not a trait—it’s a set of strategies, says Dan Schwartz, Dean of Stanford’s Graduate School of Education. And a much-publicized study he coauthored found that one of those strategies could be a short stroll.

Why does walking stimulate creativity? Does it matter if you’re outdoors or on a treadmill in a windowless room? How long of a walk is enough, and would other forms of exercise have a similar effect?

In this episode of School’s In, Schwartz and GSE Professor Denise Pope are joined by Marily Oppezzo, PhD ’13, who coauthored the 2014 study with Schwartz. They discuss the study’s findings in more detail, along with other strategies that can help inspire creative thinking.   

Listen from the link below, and find more episodes of School's In at the Stanford Radio main page. The show airs Saturdays on SiriusXM Insight Channel 121.

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