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Students & Alumni

STEP teacher candidates come from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. What they share is a dedication to equity and excellence for all learners, and a desire for strong academic and personal preparation to become leaders and advocates in their communities. In addition to a commitment to social justice and equity, we look for candidates with strong academic preparation and experience with youth.

Our small cohort size means that a collegial learning environment is a critical part of the learning experience. The program models the belief that teaching is a collaborative endeavor, and our teacher candidates work together to support shared goals.


STEP graduates are known for their thorough preparation and commitment to excellence, and go on to placements mostly at charter and public schools.

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STEP 2020 Placements

The collegiality of the STEP program extends beyond the STEP year, and our graduates join a strong network of professional, supportive peers. STEP graduates go on to be leaders within and outside the classroom.

To learn more about Stanford EdCareers, the career resources center at the Graduate School of Education, visit the EdCareers website.

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Resources for students and alumni

For more resources for students and alumni, please visit our STEP Resources page.

What you need to know

Admission requirements

To learn more about requirements for admission to STEP, please visit the Application Requirements page on the admissions website.

Financing your education

To learn more about the cost of the program and options for financial support, please visit Financing STEP on the admissions website.

Contact admissions

For more information on the application process, contact STEP Student Services Officer and Credential Analyst Michaela Ruiz at To attend STEP admissions webinars (May-November), visit the admissions event page.

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