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Emilie Rosales Trimble

Photo of Emilie Rosales Trimble in front of artwork at the Stanford Business School—"Monument to Change as it Changes," by Peter Wegner

Emilie Rosales Trimble

GSE Program: 
MS, Learning Design and Technology (LDT)
MA in Childhood/Elementary Education, Teachers College Columbia University
BS in Finance, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Year of GSE degree: 
Oak Park, Illinois

"The LDT program is a wonderful choose-your-own-adventure experience, which has allowed me to be involved with coursework and projects that are related to my interests and areas of development."

You’ve arrived at spring quarter! How would you describe your experience so far?

This has been a remarkable experience, being surrounded by students and faculty so engaged and passionate about education and learning. There is a palpable energy and entrepreneurial spirit here at Stanford that has shaped my philosophy around learning and innovation. 

Is there some time that you’ve spent with a member of the GSE faculty that is memorable?

I really enjoyed Professor Roy Pea’s Introduction to Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) course. The course had a very hands-on approach to the theory, research, and design principles related to CSCL. Working with Roy and a small group of GSE students was a fantastic opportunity to delve into various inquiry approaches and design applications around collaborative learning. 

Why Stanford?

I found that Stanford’s commitment to its core values of research, education, and impact closely aligned with my values and the work I have engaged in thus far. I was drawn by the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from the renowned faculty, diverse student body, and strong alumni network.  

How would you describe the other students in your cohort?

My LDT cohort is amazing, truly one of the things I like best about my experience here at Stanford. We are a diverse group of students representing different disciplines, experiences, ages, and interests. It has been a phenomenal year of learning together, sharing insights, and innovating in the edtech space. They are one of the most supportive groups I’ve had the privilege to work with. 

What were you doing prior to applying to the GSE?

For the past several years I led an educational consulting practice working with educators, elementary school students and their families. I was involved with projects related to curriculum design, assessment, and personalized learning. 

Photo of Emilie Rosales Trimble

What are your career plans and goals?

In terms of next steps in my career, I want to further my educational work, shifting my focus from primarily instruction to learning experience research and design. Leveraging my experiences in the classroom, my work with families and teachers, and the knowledge I have gained in LDT, I would like to work at an edtech startup to design an educational application that focuses on K-12 learners.

What advice do you have for students who are trying to decide whether to attend the LDT program?

The LDT program is one step along your journey of personal growth and development. For me it was helpful to think about what I wanted to do after LDT and see if LDT aligned with my career goals. The LDT program is a wonderful choose-your-own-adventure experience, which has allowed me to be involved with coursework and projects that are related to my interests and areas of development.

Any tips for incoming students to help them get the most from their time at Stanford? 

There are endless events and activities going on all of the time. Take advantage by frequently trying out something new or reaching out to students and faculty. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that no matter how busy the vast majority of people are, they are really willing to make time to engage with you if you reach out. Try to find a balance early on between your coursework and making connections with other students on campus.   

What do you do to relax and have fun?

I enjoy hiking, cooking, and spending time at the beach. Basically most activities that allow me to spend time with my two children and partner.  

Photo of Emilie Rosales Trimble, smiling, standing in a sunny breezeway

Photos by Rod Searcey

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