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Undergraduate Programs - Minor

Undergraduate Minor in Education

The undergraduate minor in education is designed to provide a substantial introduction to education through a broad-based and focused study of education research, theory, and practice. The goals of the minor are to:

  • develop an understanding of the core issues facing educators and policymakers,
  • make connections to major programs of study, and
  • provide rigorous preparation for graduate studies in education.

Minor Requirements

The education minor requires between 20 and 30 units earned with a minimum of six courses. Coursework must be approved by the minor director and meet the following criteria:

  • courses must be taken for a minimum of 3 units each;
  • a 3.0 GPA* must be maintained for all minor courses;
  • all courses must be taken for a letter grade*;
  • courses used to fulfill the minor requirements may not be used to fulfill any other department degree requirements (major or minor).


  1. All students are required to take the core course:

  2. All students are required to complete two foundational courses:

  3. Select a subfield of study and complete three electives within that chosen subfield. The following are suggested subfields and electives:


Photo of Jennifer Lynn Wolf
Jennifer Lynn Wolf
Director, Undergraduate Minor
Photo of Caroline Stasulat
Caroline Stasulat
Associate Director of Degree Programs

Students interested in pursuing an undergraduate minor in education begin by meeting with the minor director, Jennifer Wolf (office hours), who advises all minor candidates and approves each student’s plan of study. Applications for the minor are due no later than winter quarter of junior year.

See Jennifer Lynn Wolf profile


Each year, the Graduate School of Education invites undergraduate minor and honors students, as well as their family and friends, to an honor cord ceremony. The ceremony typically takes place on the Friday before commencement.


Major/Minor Form

To be completed by the final study list deadline of the student’s graduation quarter.

Have questions? Visit our FAQ page or schedule an UP@GSE advising appointment to learn more about education courses, programs, and career paths.

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