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Hollyhock Fellowship Program

Hollyhock Fellowship Program - Bloom Where You Are Needed

Funded through a $4.5 million gift from an anonymous donor, Hollyhock is a competitive 2-year program of teacher professional development that selects candidates from across the country with 2 to 7 years of high school teaching experience in science, mathematics, history or English, with a record of exemplary teaching and a commitment to professional growth. The fellowship is aimed at teachers in high-poverty, hard-to-staff schools in an effort to help reduce teacher turnover. A recent Stanford study shows that student achievement is damaged by high teacher turnover and that the effect is particularly strong in schools with more low-performing students, which tend to be in impoverished neighborhoods. The Hollyhock Fellowship Program is targeted towards keeping highly effective teachers in the classroom, especially in underserved schools and districts.

The Stanford Graduate School of Education is committed to fundraising for this program so that we can continue to help cover the costs of the important resources offered to each Fellow.

  • $20,000 covers the cost of the program for one teacher for two years
  • $80,000 supports a team of four teachers from the same school to attend Hollyhock for two years
  • $200,000 supports a small research team for one year to begin the study of key questions
  • $240,000 supports three teams of four from a geographic region for two years
  • $500,000 supports a content cluster (25 teachers) for the full program
  • $2,000,000 supports a full cohort of teams

Class picture of the 2015 cohort

Hollyhock Testimonials:

  • 94% of fellows are “quite likely” to recommend Hollyhock to their colleagues.
  • 94% of fellows assessed the Hollyhock Summer Institute as “better” or “far better” than all other professional development they have attended.
  • 93% of fellows rated their content session instructors’ effectiveness as “very good” or “excellent.”
  • 84% of the 2015 fellows, after 1 year in the program, plan on teaching at least 3 more years with 50% planning on 9 or more years in the classroom.

“The Hollyhock experience was the best professional development that I've received as an educator. It revitalized my desire to teach more than ever. I'm excited to get back into the classroom and teach this year.” -2016 History fellow

“I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm so inspired after being here and can't wait to try all that I've learned. I have made lifetime friends here. Thank you! I can't wait to make you all proud!” -2016 English fellow

“I feel ready to make changes I know will impact the way my students learn in my classroom. I am ready to fail, grow, and improve my practice. I am excited to collaborate with my school team, and hollyhock coaches/fellows. Thank You.” -2016 Math fellow

A map of the different regions of the United States stating the number of fellows

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