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Faculty from Stanford Graduate School of Education research centers develop and oversee in-person and online research-based professional learning opportunities, reaching over 40,000 people a year. Subscribe to our email updates.

Meet our participants

Dr. Suzanne M. Johnson

Dr. Suzanne M. Johnson, President of Green River College, Aspen Presidential Fellow

“Providing effective leadership and direction to a college requires an understanding of the many individuals, programs, and departments that must work together to create an integrated and collaborative learning experience for students. Even more important is understanding the community of students which we exist to serve. It is essential that all activities and decisions be oriented around student success and learning.”

Christina Johnson
Christina Johnson, Teacher at Santee Education Complex, Hollyhock Fellow

“As a practitioner transitioning from General Education English to Special Education science I was a bit nervous about my overall knowledge of the subject matter and what I could bring to the table. My content leads welcomed me with open arms, made me feel comfortable, and allowed me to offer my voice where I could. I acquired so much knowledge about my subject matter, how to deliver an inquiry based lesson, and embed discussion into my science class. The collaboration offered, respect delivered from facilitators and staff, along with the bountiful lunches were the best I have ever received.”

Kristen Hsiao
Kristen Hsiao, Biology Teacher, National Board Certification Participant

“As I teacher, I learn and improve every year no matter what! However, in the past few years, I have felt that the pace of my learning had slowed. Going through the National Board Certification process at Stanford has re-vamped my learning speed! After going through this experience, I believe that I am a better teacher many times over than I was two years ago. Nothing could bring me greater joy, as I know how much my learning has benefitted and will continue to benefit my students.”

Dogan Tozoglu

Dogan Tozoglu, Executive Director, River City Science Academy, Stanford EdLEADers cohort member

“The program changed my life! I have never experienced an online program this strong and well prepared; and, it is so relevant to my current job!”  

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