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Emergency Plan and Building Maintenance

GSE Emergency Plan/Additional Resources

COVID-19 Resources

Many Stanford entities have come together to create multiple webpages to help Building managers and local units be prepared and stay informed with real time updates regarding the COVID Pandemic and University status. You can find all this helpful information within the various webpages below.

Buildings Status Map

Here you can find the map of the Stanford Campus with updates regarding the occupancy status of specific buildings and Labs, active construction projects, as well as which buildings are controlled by ID card access.

Health Alerts

Here you can find general information circulating around campus pertaining to everything COVID: COVID19 News, pertinent info regarding classes and campus restart, CDC and county guidelines and etc.

Cardinal Recovery

Here you can find a plethora pertaining to various campus recovery plans including but not limited to: Stages of recovery, proper hygiene habits, required COVID trainings, building manager tool kits, as well as research recovery.

Custodial Cleaning Schedule and Scope of Work

Stanford's custodial contractor has a cleaning schedule and scope of work tailored to each building and the department's needs. Below are links to each building's cleaning schedule and scope of work.

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