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Events & Room Reservations

GSE Meeting and Event Spaces available through Summer of 2021

Stanford affiliates are welcome to meet outdoors for essential activities on campus.  We have 4 outdoor spaces available for GSE community members to reserve for essential, small, masked, socially-distanced, in-person meetings.  Space capacity and reservation details are below.  Before reserving a space please make sure that your gathering adheres to University Guidelines.  Please offer an alternative for individuals who may be not be able to meet in person due to air quality, infection risk, or distance. 

If you do not need a reserved space, note that Stanford affiliates are also permitted to meet for essential conversations in outdoor Stanford spaces that are open and not being used for classes – a socially distanced conversation in the grass, at Coupa, or on a walk are permitted.  You will still need to follow all steps required for being on campus including campus zone restrictions.

Meeting Spaces COVID

The GSE uses 25Live to schedule outdoor meetings. GSE department-controlled spaces are reserved only for GSE faculty/students/staff/program affiliates.

Stanford 25Live

Have questions? Please submit a help ticket at

Barnum Clock Tower Courtyard

Features: Outdoor space
Covid Capacity: 6

More info & Reserve

Barnum Patio

Feature: Outdoor Space
Covid Capacity: 7

More info & Reserve

CERAS 5th Floor Roof

Feature: Outdoor Space
Covid Capacity: 10

More info & Reserve

EDUC Dean's Courtyard

Feature: Outdoor Space
Covid Capacity: 5

More info & Reserve

Things to do on the day of your visit

  • Health Check: You must complete the Stanford Health Check if you live on-site or by 10 am on the day of your campus visit.  Be prepared to show your approved badge if asked. 
  • Social Distance:  Maintain 6 feet from others when inside or outside.
  • Face Mask: Wear a mask when on-campus. 
  • Stanford Identification:  Have your Stanford ID with you at all times.
  • Hand Hygiene: Regularly wash your hands with soap or use hand sanitizer.
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