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Resources and guidelines for GSE visual communication

These resources and guidelines were designed to help the GSE community effectively and consistently use GSE visuals in communication. For complete information on Stanford emblems, branding, color, typography, web design, and more, please visit the Stanford Identity Toolkit.

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GSE Brand

Learn more about the GSE brand and vision and how to apply them to your unit, center, or program.

Stanford GSE horizontal logo

GSE Signature

The Stanford GSE signature is the primary emblem of the GSE. Get downloads and use guidelines here.

Improving lives through learning primary logo

Vision Branding

Find out more about the visual expressions of our message and how to use them effectively.

Color and Typography


Below is the primary color palette for the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Use HEX and RGB for onscreen, Pantone, and CMYK for print. For more information on how to use colors, and for additional color palettes, please visit the color page of the Stanford Identity Toolkit.


RGB: 46,45,41

Hex: #2e2d29

CMYK: 0,0,0,100

Cardinal Red

RGB: 140,21,21

Hex: #8c1515

CMYK: 0,100,65,34

Education Blue

RGB: 173, 207, 226


CMYK: 31, 9, 5, 0

Light Gray

RGB: 228, 228, 227

HEX: #E4E4E3

CMYK: 0/0/0/10


We recommend three fonts for use in Stanford communication: Source Sans Pro, Source Serif Pro, and Crimson Text.

For more information and guidelines for installing fonts on your computer, please visit the Stanford Identity page on typography.

Source Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro is Stanford’s primary sans serif font and should be used in print, web, and social media communications. Though Source Sans Pro is used in the GSE signature with the Stanford wordmark, treat the signature itself as artwork, as it cannot be accurately reproduced by using a font.

Source Sans Pro Semibold

Source Sans Pro Regular

Source Sans Pro Italic

Source Sans Pro Light

Source Serif Pro

Source Serif Pro is Stanford’s primary serif font and should be used in headlines and body copy, and as the primary serif font in web and social media communications.

Source Serif Pro Semibold

Source Serif Pro Regular

Crimson Text

Crimson Text is a secondary serif font, and can be used for headlines in print communications.

Crimson Semibold


Crimson Italic

Crimson Semibold italic

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