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LDT Expo

Each summer, LDT students showcase their master’s projects at a lively event that draws a crowd of education and tech professionals, potential investors, and curious community members. Students show off their work while gaining valuable feedback from people in the field.

LDT Expo 2021

Join us for Expo 2021! Check back for the date, coming soon!

LDT master’s projects

Design Data logo

Design Data: Making the power of data accessible to all

Design Data is a web-based learning experience which aims to democratize the learning of foundational data science concepts. Designed for adult learners without programming skills, it focuses on...

The Interesting Project logo

The Interesting Project: Do the thing you’ve always wanted to do

Young adults are taking longer to figure out their lives than ever before. While it’s good to have more time to explore more options, too much ambiguity can lead to decreased motivation, increased...

Crowd Note logo

Crowd Note: Reimagine online learning by connecting learners and crowdsourcing knowledge

Online learning is a critical means for learning today. However, learners often need to make sense of what they learned and navigate their learning journey alone. Crowd Note is a platform that...

What you need to know

Admission requirements

To learn more about requirements for admission, please visit the Application Requirements page.

Financing your education

To learn more about the cost of the program and options for financial support, please visit Financing Your Master’s Degree on the admissions website.

Contact admissions

For admissions webinars and to connect with the admission office, see our  Connect and Visit page.

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