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Students & Alumni

The Master of Science program in Learning Design and Technology draws students from varied backgrounds. Many are trained in education or behavioral sciences, engineering, or one of the design disciplines. They come from diverse communities across the U.S. and around the world. They bring their rich experiences and viewpoints to the LDT community, where they share a common curiosity, creativity, and passion for improving learning experiences.

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Master’s projects

The master’s project is a culmination of a year of understanding, prototyping, iterating, assessing, and collaborating. But it’s also just the beginning of what students go on to do.

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Student portfolios

Over the course of the program, students amass a substantial amount of creative work. Their online portfolios give them a place to share this work with the GSE community and beyond.

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LDT Alumni

Alumni life

The collaborative nature of the program builds a strong sense of community that extends beyond students' year on campus. Our alumni take many different paths, but many maintain a keen interest in supporting current students.  

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LDT master’s projects

A look at master’s projects tells the story of the variety of LDT students’ interests and approaches, as well as the diversity of communities and learners for whom they design. Through a learner-centric design process, students identify challenges and apply theories to create effective digital tools that enhance learning.

Word Explorer

Word Explorer: Building words to build vocabulary

School texts contain over 85,000 distinct words.  Luckily,  students who understand how words are built can study one word and learn many for free. Word Explorer is a web-based game that...

Together Math

Together Math: Do math together, even when you’re apart

Preschoolers’ math skills are powerful predictors of future academic success. Home is the key learning environment, but barriers such as time and parental math anxiety can limit positive math...

Mindful Circles

Mindful Circles: A space for teens to learn, practice, and simply be together

Teens today are lonelier and more stressed than ever. Studies suggest that mindfulness meditation can improve mental health and wellbeing. While it is becoming more commonplace for teens to learn...

Life after LDT

The LDT program is the first year of a journey of innovation and problem solving, and our alumni choose a wide variety of paths. Our alumni are leaders in schools, museums, research organizations, nonprofits, edtech companies, and government agencies.  

The GSE provides ongoing career development services to all students and alumni, and facilitates connections with employers.

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LDT-Related Fields

  • Research
  • Educational media
  • Doctoral studies
  • Educational technology and program evaluation
  • Interaction design
  • Tech integration in formal and informal learning settings
  • Teaching with new technologies

Partial list of employers

Our community

Emily Rapada, '18, MA '19 Learning Design and Technology
Helping coaches start conversations
Read this story
Lauren Beaton and Irina Sthapit
Irina Sthapit and Lauren Beaton, MA '19 Learning Design and Technology
Supporting girls in science
Read this story
Joyce He and Kenneth Fernandez
Joyce He and Kenneth Fernandez, MA '19 Learning Design and Technology
Communicating with images
Read this story

What you need to know

Admission requirements

To learn more about requirements for admission, please visit the Application Requirements page.

Financing your education

To learn more about the cost of the program and options for financial support, please visit Financing Your Master’s Degree on the admissions website.

Contact admissions

For admissions webinars and to connect with the admission office, see our  Connect and Visit page.

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