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Connect: Build Relationships and Launch New Opportunities

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Diego Garcia
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College students need to network with a range of people to reach their academic and career goals. But they often struggle with networking. Reaching out to people for help makes them uncomfortable, often because they do not have the skills and tools to do it effectively. They don’t know where to start, what to do, or what to say. Connect is an app that prompts students to reflect on their immediate goals. Having identified areas of their lives they could benefit from the help of others, Connect provides a collection of just-in-time prompts and suggestions. From effective emails to alumni or setting up an informational interview to writing a meaningful thank-you note, students are able to learn from videos, templates, and articles. Reminders with customized tips are sent based on tasks and deadlines students set for themselves. Connect coaches college students to make the moves that will launch their next opportunities.

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