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Setting standards for education

Illustration of the words "Geography," "History," "Math" and other school subjects
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Setting standards for education

Kenji Hakuta discusses the history of curriculum standards and their purpose on this episode of School’s In.

Who decides what kids should learn in school?

On this episode of School’s In, Stanford Graduate School of Education (GSE) Dean Dan Schwartz and Senior Lecturer Denise Pope discuss the history of education standards like the Common Core and how they came into existence.

Kenji Hakuta, professor emeritus at the GSE, shares his extensive experience in developing standards for classrooms at all levels. Hakuta has also spent much of his career focused on ensuring that standards are equitable for English language learners, and he explains why the Common Core helped give that group more opportunities. 

Hakuta was the inaugural Dean of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts at the University of California at Merced, and shares what it was like to start a new campus within a large and respected university system.

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