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Wineburg receives honorary doctorate from Umeå University

Wineburg receives honorary doctorate from Umeå University

Wineburg is honored for his influential work in history education.

Professor Sam Wineburg (b. 1958) works at Stanford University, USA, and is a world-leading researcher within the field of historical thinking and history education. He has contributed more than any other individual researcher to changing the understanding of the teaching and learning of history. His prize-winning book “Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts” from 2002 has become a modern classic within its field. Wineburg has a PhD in psychology but his research lies in the border zone between education, psychology and history. He has been Professor of Education at Stanford School of Education since 2002 where he leads the Stanford History Education Group. However, he is also Professor of History at the Department of History. Sam Wineburg has put his research findings into practice via teacher training programmes and school education. One example is “Reading Like a Historian” which is a free, digital teaching aid that aims to develop pupils’ historical thinking with the help of historical sources.

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