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Financing Your Education - STEP

The Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP) is committed to supporting a diverse and talented cohort of teaching candidates. Stanford has established two initiatives to support the cost of education for STEP students. These are the Dorothy Durfee Avery Loan Forgiveness Program and STEP tuition fellowships that are offered to over 90% of incoming STEP students. Combined with a variety of federal loan forgiveness programs, many teacher candidates are able to attend STEP free of cost while receiving a living stipend while in the program.

The Dorothy Durfee Avery Loan Forgiveness Program

A Stanford forgivable loan is available to STEP students via the Dorothy Durfee Avery Loan Forgiveness Program if the students apply and are eligible for the federal Perkins loan.

After completion of STEP, students must work in a public school or an underserved private school in the United States. The student never has to make payments on the loan as long as she or he is teaching in an eligible school. After two years of eligible teaching half of the loan is forgiven and after four years the remainder is forgiven.

Loan Forgiveness Program Information

The Stanford Teaching Fellowship (Full Tuition Fellowship)

This initiative will underwrite the full cost of tuition for up to five STEP students per year. Awards will be determined by a combination of need, merit and commitment to under-served youth and communities.

Stanford Teaching Fellowship Information

STEP Tuition Fellowships

STEP offers up to $25,000 in tuition fellowships to eligible students. Approximately 97% of teacher candidates are receiving STEP fellowships in 2014-2015 ranging from $500 to $25,000 per student.

Applicants who are interested in being considered for a STEP tuition fellowship must complete the Fellowship section on the STEP supplemental form as part of the online admission application. Most awards are granted on a combination of need and merit. Admitted applicants are notified of their fellowship award soon after admission decisions are made.

External Sources of Funding

Knowles Science Teaching Foundation – Teaching Fellowship

Each year, KSTF awards Teaching Fellowships to exceptional young men and women committed to teaching science and mathematics in United States high schools. KTSF believes the commitment to teaching merits the deepest respect and support. The Teaching Fellowship is designed explicitly to meet the needs of teachers from the time they begin working on a teaching credential through the early years of their career.

KSTF Teaching Fellowships combine extensive financial and professional support. Fellows receive tuition assistance while participating in a teacher credentialing program, monthly stipends, and grants for professional development and teaching materials. STEP encourages all prospective students in Math and Science to apply early!

KSTF Teaching Fellowship Information

San Francisco Teacher Residency

The San Francisco Teacher Residency is recruiting aspiring teachers who are committed to teaching in San Francisco's hardest to staff schools and subjects. STEP applicants in Math and Science will be invited to apply for SFTR upon admission to STEP. STEP students who are admitted to SFTR become part of SFTR’s AmeriCorps program. As part of AmeriCorps, STEP-SFTR students receive a $12,000 stipend* and guaranteed health care during their residency year. Additionally they are eligible for an AmeriCorps Education Award upon completion of the program, which can be used towards the cost of the master’s program. SFTR requires that graduates commit to teaching in San Francisco’s hard-to-staff schools and subjects for a minimum of three years past the residency. Induction support is provided during the first two years in the classroom.

* Please note the $12,000 stipend will be considered part of the total financial aid package.

San Francisco Teacher Residency Information