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Integrating the Garden into the Elementary Curriculum

tree arch at EPACS

Since 2006 STEP Elementary teacher candidates have had the unique opportunity to work in various learning gardens in the Bay Area once a quarter. Teacher candidates discuss ways to incorporate a study of healthy eating and living habits into the curriculum and consider how a life science garden might contribute to these outcomes. In a previous partnership with local restaurateur, Jesse Cool, the One Pot, No Recipe, 10 Ingredients was created to help teacher candidates be flexible with their own personal cooking habits and providing similar opportunities for the students in their classrooms.

Video of Jesse Cool and STEP's work together

For more on Jesse Cool's previous work with STEP, see the 2006 Stanford News Service article.

Drew surrounded by students in front of a flower bed.

Drew Harwell, master gardener, shows the teacher candidates what crops are ready for picking.

Female teacher smelling a piece of fruit in front of kids.

A teacher candidate brings what she's learned to her placement school's garden.

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