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Endowed Student Financial Aid

"Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire."

- William Butler Yeats

These words of William Butler Yeats reflect a major goal of the Stanford Graduate School of Education and a reason students seek an education here: to help all people to achieve maximum benefit from their educational experiences. Yet, with all their enthusiasm for lighting a fire, in today's economy there is little financial incentive for talented students to attend a graduate school of education like that at Stanford.

Stanford graduate tuition for the 2015-2016 academic year can be up to $48,000 depending on program. Living expenses are estimated at $35,000. Since all students attend the school full time, the ability to offer fellowship support is critical in order to attract and retain top-caliber students. Endowed fellowships and expendable fellowships funds enable the GSE to recruit the nation's top students who are preparing for a career in teaching or educational reform to do so.

Fellowships may be provided in several ways:

$1,200,000 creates a fully endowed, named fellowship fund for doctoral or master's student support in perpetuity.

Doctoral Student Support

While all first-year doctoral students are fully funded, a top priority is to increase support for second- and third-year doctoral students. The school is unable to fully fund advanced PhD candidates, who need full support as they embark on the critical phases of doctoral research. In the absence of financial support, many students stop out, take extended leaves of absence, and take longer to earn their degree. Endowed fellowships ensure that students have financial support in each year until they earn their PhD.

Master's Student Support

$250,000 creates a partially endowed, named fellowship fund for doctoral or master's student support in perpetuity.

Over half of our master's students receive some financial assistance from the Graduate School of Education. We'd like to do more. Master's student fellowships remain a special priority at the GSE - for our STEP students, and for all our master's students. With increased resources we can recruit the top graduate students nationally and internationally to the GSE. On occasion, we lose highly qualified MA candidates to lesser programs simply because of financial reasons. 

$50,000 provides expendable support for two or more doctoral students within any one academic year by guaranteeing a substantial level of support.

$12,000 provides expendable support for two master's students.

For more information about faculty support in the Graduate School of Education or to discuss gift opportunities please contact Heather Coleman Trippel at or (650) 724-1383.

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