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Two scholars will join the faculty of Stanford Graduate School of Education

Photo of campus in fall
Photo: Holly Hernandez

Two scholars will join the faculty of Stanford Graduate School of Education

New scholars bring expertise in areas including human-computer interaction and learning, and how educational policy is influenced by race and class.

Two education scholars, Eujin Park and Hari Subramonyam, will join the faculty at Stanford Graduate School of Education on September 1, 2021. 

photo of Eujin Park

Eujin Park

“These exceptional scholars, with very different areas of expertise, signify the wide-ranging nature of the many challenges and opportunities facing education,” said Dan Schwartz, the I. James Quillen Dean and Nomellini & Olivier Professor of Educational Technology. “I’m thrilled to bring them on board during this transformational time for the field.”

Eujin Park

Eujin Park, who will be an affiliate of the GSE’s program on Race, Inequality and Language in Education (RILE), will join as a postdoctoral fellow before becoming an assistant professor at the GSE. Her research explores how educational policies and opportunities are influenced by race, class and other sociopolitical processes, with an emphasis on Asian Americans. 

Prior to joining the GSE, she worked as a research associate at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy, where her research projects included an ethnographic case study on how teacher-principal trust shaped teacher evaluation processes in Chicago Public Schools, and an exploration of understandings of racial inequality among Chicago residents.

Park has been awarded one of five new postdoctoral fellowships established as part of the university’s IDEAL initiative (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access in a Learning Environment), launched in 2020. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley, and a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. She also earned her doctorate in educational policy studies from UW-Madison.

Photo of Hari Subramonyam

Hari Subramonyam

Hari Subramonyam 

Hari Subramonyam joins as an assistant professor (research). Subramonyam’s work sits at the intersection of human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence and cognitive psychology.

He designs, builds and evaluates interactive intelligent systems for human-critical domains, including learning, creativity and visual sense-making. He also develops tools and methods for designing AI-powered applications. He has taught courses in information visualization and interaction design, and has held research positions at firms including Microsoft Research and Adobe Research. 

Subramonyam received his bachelor’s degree from the CMR Institute of Technology in Bengaluru, India, and earned his master’s and doctoral degrees in information from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

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