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About LDT

The face of education is changing.

New technologies have catalyzed an evolution in learning. To an unprecedented degree, our schools, governments, and corporations are looking to emergent technologies to enhance learning environments and improve outcomes. To succeed, these efforts must be guided by empirically grounded education design theory and principles.

With its combination of world-leading research, educational excellence, and proximity to Silicon Valley, Stanford University is uniquely capable of preparing the next generation of learning technology specialists. The Learning, Design and Technology (LDT) Masters Program was designed to confer the knowledge and skills necessary for developing new and better technology-based products, settings, and social arrangements for learning.

The LDT experience is without equal. Students join a select cohort diverse in background and skills, thus enabling knowledge sharing and cross-pollination of ideas. Under the guidance of an Academic Advisor, students align their program of study to their specific goals. Courses from practically every department at Stanford are open to LDT students including those in design, engineering, business, fine arts, law, and of course, education. Combined with internships, team assignments, and a major project, LDT delivers an appropriate mix of theory and practice to help professionals achieve their full potential.

Indeed, LDT graduates are expected to rethink learning and ultimately generate the revolutionary ideas that will pioneer the future of education.

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