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Program Requirements

Please consult the Master's Degree Handbook for more information on requirements.

45 units are required at Stanford to receive a Master's degree. The following constraints are placed on
those 45 units:

  • All courses must be at or above the 100 level – courses numbered below 100 do not count
  • 23 units – or half of the total minimum units – must be at the 200 level (EDUC 480 or 490 count toward this requirement)
  • 30 units must be from courses offered by Stanford GSE
  • 15 units (one-third of total minimum units) must be for a letter grade
  • 3.0 GPA must be maintained for all courses applied to the master's degree
  • LDT students are required to register 6 units in the summer quarter. The remaining 39 units need to be completed in Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters. Coterminal students who have completed graduate course work and received approval to use those units, will take reduced units in the Autumn, Winter and Spring. All students must be enrolled in a minimum of 8 units during Autumn, Winter and Spring and cannot exceed 18 units in any quarter.
  • English for Foreign Students (Linguistics 600 level) and Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation courses cannot be applied towards the master's degree

Required Courses

*All course information is subject to change. Please consult ExploreCourses and Axess for final course offerings.

The following courses are required for all LDT students:

  • EDUC 229A LDT Seminar
  • EDUC 229B LDT Seminar
  • EDUC 229C LDT Seminar
  • EDUC 229D LDT Seminar
  • At least one pre-approved course in Evaluation and Research Methods (3 units minimum)
  • At least one pre-approved course in Design Processes (3 units minimum)
  • At least two pre-approved courses in Learning (6 units minimum). At least one course must cover theories of learning. Students are highly encouraged to take more than two of these courses.
  • At least two pre-approved courses in the Design of Learning Experiences (6 units minimum). Students are highly encouraged to take more than two of these courses.

Please see the list of preapproved courses to see examples of courses that fulfill these requirements. Other courses may be allowable, by petition.

In addition, students may take elective courses from any department at Stanford, with advisor's approval.


The internship connects the lessons of the classroom to practice in the field. Students must register for at least one unit of Internship Workshop for at least 2 quarters. A maximum of 9 internship units are accepted for the MA degree.

Master's Project and Portfolio

The Portfolio consists of substantial works done during the year, presented online on the LDT web site. The Major Project consists of a design project directed and managed by the student. Project reports include an appropriate definition of the learning problem, an analysis of the problem, the theoretical background, the design proposal, preliminary and final designs, and reports of design studies, reviews and learner assessment. Both the Portfolio and Major Project are due summer quarter. The Major Project must be approved by the student's advisor by the end of spring quarter and presented to the public late in the summer.

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