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STEP Faculty & Staff

STEP faculty and instructors take primary responsibility for the design, delivery, and assessment of their courses. In addition to teaching, STEP faculty pursue a wide range of academic interests: from research, writing, publishing, membership in professional organizations, and academic travel. Specifically, faculty who teach for STEP include in their academic agendas research work within and across school sites.

STEP also benefits from significant administrative support. STEP staff participate in weekly meetings, annual staff retreats, as well as STEP community presentations and are a foundational strength to the program. STEP staff's primary purpose is to closely follow candidate progress through the program and to facilitate success.


Catalina Martinez

Photo of Colin

Colin Haysman

Elizabeth Chesler

Jeffrey Camarillo

Photo of Laura

Laura Hill-Bonnet

Maricela Montoy-Wilson

Michelle Williams

Nancy Lobell

Nancy Lobell

Polly Diffenbaugh, Clinical Associate, STEP

Polly Diffenbaugh

Ruth Ann Costanzo

Tasha Pura


Viviana Alcazar

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