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Social Sciences, Humanities, and Interdisciplinary Policy Studies in Education (SHIPS)

The power in the SHIPS approach to doctoral study is the way it opens up the possibilities for educational research by combining two distinctive approaches. One is to develop expertise in a disciplinary tradition. In this vein we offer seven programs in Humanities and Social Sciences in education (HSS): anthropology; economics; history; linguistics; organizational studies; philosophy; and sociology. The other approach is to develop expertise in a major issue area in education. In this vein, we offer four programs in Issue Domains in Education (IDE): educational policy; higher education; international comparative education (ICE); and education data science (EDS). 

All doctoral students in SHIPS may pursue one of four program options:

  1. A program in one of the seven HSS disciplines
  2. A program in one of the four IDE areas
  3. A program in one of the cross-area specializations
  4. A dual specialization in two of the aforementioned programs

Degree Program

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